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0005442: Contract 50062706 in UK tracking table after crediting extension period
We have securitized contract 50062706, it was securitized from period 7. Then it was extended due to invoicing from period 9, and credit invoice was executed. However we do see contract sale and buy back in SPV tracking table, should we see a new entry for reinstatement of SPV in the tracking table?

The payment plan still shows SPV ID on period 7 and 8.
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I have tested above scenario and have following comments (file attached).

When invoicing the last primary period the extension is created and an entry in table SPVTrackingContract with "reason" Extension Created. SPV note is removed on contract line and invoices for extension will not have the SPV note.

After invoicing first extension period I credit the invoice, SPV note is not reinstated on contract line but when crediting the "last primary" the SPV note is again put on the contract line and an entry in the tracking table will be inserted with "reason" Reverse Extension.

Please let me know if you need further information.