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0005444ProFinance securitization CR[All Projects] Generalpublic2022-06-09 07:532022-06-16 05:51
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0005444: UK - France Securitization
UK - We need to consider alphanumeric (Not only Numeric) values as well, while consolidating at FS_ID or company level (Please refer screenshot in 1st attachment) The PF logic should exclude the incorrect values that we shared (“NA”, “N/A”…) and keep all the rest, otherwise it excludes a lot of valid values, like Graydon IDs (starting with “GR”) that are used for non-registered companies (ie for which the numerical registration ID does not exist)

1) Profinance table has 2 records with Write values > $0 where as Seb_Extract has $0 in US GAP Write off amount which is causing the difference in flags.
Eg - Airbus

2) Issue with customers identified as "Other Monaco" based on the Company Code 3rd letter.
Eg. Allov Reno Monaco - This should be treated as Non public entity.
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Delivery done as mentioned in mail 2022-06-15.