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  0005447Date of Cure and logic for Date of default - Applicable to both UK and France- Separate field for date of cure
- Date of default should be blank if the account was never in default.
- Date of default should have the oldest/first default date in case customer goes into default again.
[ProFinance securitization CR]
TGuptaclosed (TGupta)2022-06-24
  0005445UK Securitization - CD_DateOfDefault is missingCD_DateOfDefault is missing for few customers in UK Default table .
[ProFinance securitization CR]
TGuptaclosed (TGupta)2022-06-21
  0005446SPV Cash flow reportFirst month in report not correctly populated.
Selection will be changed to "period start date >= report start date".

[ProFinance securitization CR]
SKavtaradzeassigned (LNorris)2022-06-20
  0005440Data consolidation Level/ Incorrect Fin_Exposure aggregation/90+ Delinquencysum check1. CD_MainCustomerNumber - Definition of MainCustomerNumber, May need to aggregate at CD_Customer level for consistency, to be confirmed. Impact the override default flag is not consistent.

2. WO and Delinquency 90+ condition at aggregate amounts or at the individual
customer level? Impact - Customer incorrectly identified as Default.

3. 90+ Delinquencysum - Does this check is in conjunction with USGAAP flag.

4. CD_WriteoffAmount - As discussed (Issue still open as discussed) - 9 June
[ProFinance securitization CR]
TGuptaclosed (TGupta)2022-06-16
  0005443UK Profinance Default Customer Flase flagsIssue with Public sector identification - Public Health England (700028666)

4 customers with incorrect flags as per the definition.

Attached file has Pro-finance data as well as Seb_extract calculation.

Conditions that we check to flag off customer:

flag_debtstatus = "Default" OR
Flag_del = "Default" OR
(Flag_US_GAAP = "Default" and TA_Description not in ("CONTRACT RECREATED","DISPUTE") and Fin_US_GAAP_WO_amount>0)

Then default_flag_target = "Default"
else default_flag_target = "No"
[ProFinance securitization CR]
TGuptaclosed (TGupta)2022-06-16
  0005444UK - France SecuritizationUK - We need to consider alphanumeric (Not only Numeric) values as well, while consolidating at FS_ID or company level (Please refer screenshot in 1st attachment) The PF logic should exclude the incorrect values that we shared (“NA”, “N/A”…) and keep all the rest, otherwise it excludes a lot of valid values, like Graydon IDs (starting with “GR”) that are used for non-registered companies (ie for which the numerical registration ID does not exist)

1) Profinance table has 2 records with Write values > $0 where as Seb_Extract has $0 in US GAP Write off amount which is causing the difference in flags.
Eg - Airbus

2) Issue with customers identified as "Other Monaco" based on the Company Code 3rd letter.
Eg. Allov Reno Monaco - This should be treated as Non public entity.
[ProFinance securitization CR]
TGuptaclosed (TGupta)2022-06-16
  0005434Incorrect update for customers included in "main customer"All Customers included in "main customer" should be updated if one of the customers are set to "in default".

The issue has been corrected by Tieto and is currently in internal test.
[ProFinance securitization CR]
SKavtaradzeclosed (TGupta)2022-06-09
  0005439Calculated buy-back amount not same as when checking calculation in excel (PV)Reported on behalf of Ghislain,
"I tried to recalculate the buy back amount with 3% discount and I have some issue with the 2 following contracts"

Contracts 99295 and 87982 (line 1 on both contracts)

[ProFinance securitization CR]
SKavtaradzeclosed (GGrosley)2022-06-09
  0005436WO Rsn logic needs to be reset (France/UK- France_default/UK default table)The flags needs to be updated as per the below logic i.e. if the WO FLAG is in day 4 or 20, then it is "N" otherwise "Y".
US GAAP WO flag = Yes at PF account level AND WO reason is different from («DISPUTES », « Contract recreated ») AND (invoice BD = Yes OR WO amount>EUR0)

UK: As stated above, same logic needs to be applied.
[ProFinance securitization CR]
TGuptaclosed (TGupta)2022-06-09
  0005442Contract 50062706 in UK tracking table after crediting extension periodWe have securitized contract 50062706, it was securitized from period 7. Then it was extended due to invoicing from period 9, and credit invoice was executed. However we do see contract sale and buy back in SPV tracking table, should we see a new entry for reinstatement of SPV in the tracking table?

The payment plan still shows SPV ID on period 7 and 8.
[ProFinance securitization CR]
Query resolution
Rramcharanclosed (Rramcharan)2022-06-09
  0005441Batch upload WO returns errorThe upload option gives an error: mandatory data missing in row 1

File is attached, could you please review?
[ProFinance securitization CR]
Rramcharanresolved (Rramcharan)2022-05-24
  0005433BATCH error in UK ProFinanceHello Team,

There is a BATCH error in UK PF UAT, can you please assist.

Error: The specified string is not in the form required for an e-mail address.
[ProFinance securitization CR]
GVladimirovclosed (GVladimirov)2022-05-20
  0005438test 39 FranceWhen we tried to perform the test 39 by uploading the file below in Pro Ledger > Customer Batch Write-Off

Customer Number Invoice Number Unpaid Amount
4016003 3367337 3557.76
4016003 3170077 2589.39
4016003 3211944 2589.39
4016003 3252921 2589.39
4016003 3293506 3000
2016610123 3287047 5251.51
2016610122 5555555 5251.51

This error message appears
[ProFinance securitization CR]
JAlexclosed (JAlex)2022-05-19
  0005431It was impossible to sell contract to the SPV.It was impossible to sell contract to the SPV.[ProFinance securitization CR]
JAlexclosed (SKavtaradze)2022-05-11
  0005429Interface paths aren't setup in Interface maintenanceIn both UK & FR for the IC16 the paths aren't setup.
Also the setup for IC15 was partially there, but incorrect and missing for FR.

Could you please correct scripts on your side for production?
[ProFinance securitization CR]
Rramcharanclosed (Rramcharan)2022-05-09


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